Iphone 5 lightning cable repair

Repairing a Frayed Apple Lightning Charger - iFixit Repair Guide

You may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing. Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler. Check out our iPhone 5 Answers community for troubleshooting help. I did not complete this guide. Just a quick note that if you're doing this teardown because your iPhone 5 isn't charging unless you apply some force to the Lightning cable, the problem may simply be some lint or other crud in the Lightning port. Blow some compressed air in there before you disassemble your iPhone and see if it solves the problem - it did for me.

I found a paper clip done the job perfectly. Well I bought the replacement first and then realized about the dirt. I removed the dirt and it is now working again. I guess after 2 years the thing accumulates quite a bit of dust. Thankfully I read it before attempting this repair on my iPhone 5S.


A paperclip would have done the job. Charger works perfectly now. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Arthur Shi and 15 other contributors.

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Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required 1 - 2 hours. Sections 3. Flags 0. Introduction The Lightning connector, headphone jack, and cellular antenna are on a single assembly and must be removed and replaced together. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Video Overview. Step 1 Taping the display glass. Add Comment. Step 2 Removing the Pentalobe screws. Step 3 How to prevent display separation.

Add a comment. Step 4 Starting the iSclack Opening Procedure. Tools used on this step:. One comment. Step 5 Finishing the iSclack Opening Procedure. Step 6 Manual Opening Procedure. Step 7 Start lifting the front panel assembly. Step 8 Detaching the front panel side clips. Step 9 Opening up the phone.

Step 10 Removing the battery connector bracket screws. Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. We Are All Geniuses. Step 11 Removing the battery connector bracket. The reason I did this was because I also made a custom usb chaging port on the left side of my car steering wheel which is where my phone mount is and I did not want it to be overly long.

In the end it became about 10cm long and works great. Time for project: As Im new to this, it took me about 2 hours including time to document the experience. Things you'll need: Sizzors 5. Lighter or heat gun. A Pin this is not needed for second attempt. Use your wire cutter to cut the cable.

Cut to length with the intention of stripping 2 - 3 inches off each side and plan for the stripped portions to overlap in the end to get the cable to the length you want. Strip off the exterior white sheath. Using the a pin, work your way from the top down, unweaving the cable. Be careful not to try and unweave more than the top braided portion as the cables will get more difficult to undo as you go. Once unweaved completely, pull to one side and twist.

iPhone 5S Lightning Port Replacement

Pull the braided cable down away from the cut. It will loosen and become wide and expose all the cables underneath. This interweaved part is just a protective layer. After pulling it back, I used sizzors to cut it off completely. Unwrap the insulating 'tinfoil'. Be careful not to rip, as I am not sure if this is really an insulator or not IT is simply another protective layer.

I used it again to re-wrap the cable at the end. Inside there are 3 insulated cables red, green, white and three uninsulated cables. I assumed that the uninsulated cables could be twisted together This assumption turned out to be correct , because if there was a concern that they couldn't touch, they'd be insulated too The interior insulated cables have VERY stretchy plastic.

It was very difficult to strip these with fingernails. So I used the soldering Iron to melt the plastic and it came off very easily. Be carefull not to melt other parts of the cables. Strip the three cables at 3 seperate lengths. The goal is to have connection points at different intervals along the cable so it helps with keeping the cable thin, and helps stops wires crossing. I started with the intention of having a 2" length of cable exposed, however I found this too short to work with. I will do 3" next time. If the green cable is short on one end, it has to be long on the other to line up properly.

It is extremely important that you measure the correct lengths or your cables will not line up in length after you reattach them. Recheck the length of each cable versus the other before making cuts so you know they all line up correctly. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. These tips would be helpful for Android cablest too, thank you! I've never seen an Android cable fray, but the tiny wires break at the connection end. Would it not just be nice if Apple and other manufacturers came up with a standard of cables that worked across devices and were sturdier?

Instead they want the public to be Hamsters on the treadwheel. The standard would be nice, but Apple cables are the only I have seen that have the fraying problem. None of my Android cables and there have been many have ever worn out in that way. I have an android phone and an iPad. They make the cable so fragile and thin! I use both cables probably about the same amount.

How to Fix the Cable Lightning Apple

The phone one is thicker and sturdier. Are you kidding me? Apple's whole model is based on making stuffs proprietary, and very, very fragile. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy.

Repairing a Frayed Apple Lightning Charger

Of course this is not just an apple problem. I don't see Apple fixing anything in foreseeable future. Scroll down for the next article.