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From the 'onboarding' process of setting up a device for the very first time from a clean installation which you won't have to do if you're simply upgrading , to some of the key settings that you'll probably want to tinker with after the new OS is installed, and a look through some of the key pre-installed apps on both the old and new operating systems, the side-by-side images should give you a broad sense of how Windows Phone 8.

Of course, nothing quite compares to actually having the OS in your hand - but while you're waiting for it to arrive, be sure to check out the gallery below. Screenshots have been captured from Windows Phone 8.

Windows 10 Mobile vs Windows Phone 8.1 on Nokia Lumia 520

Windows 10 Mobile screenshots were captured from build All screenshots used default 'out of the box' settings from a clean installation of each OS. Windows Phone 8. Tags Microsoft Windows 10 mobile Windows phone 8. Auto theme Default theme Darkside theme.

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Community Activity Refresh. Qualcomm is once again asking for a ban on the sale of some iPhones in the U. Trending Stories. Show Comments Sort by oldest first thread view Sort by newest first thread view Sort by oldest first linear view Sort by newest first linear view. Report Comment Close. Please enter your reason for reporting this comment. So far, we haven't seen any bugs that we'd consider enough to warrant downgrading to an earlier version of Windows, but it has to be said that reliability isn't Windows 10's strong suit - and it doesn't look like it ever will be.

On the other hand, Windows 10 Enterprise users can cut out a lot of this headache - which we'll talk about more in a minute - meaning it's not quite so much of an issue. Windows 8.

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Businesses can opt to skip many of the issues introduced by Windows 10's rolling updates, but the fact that they have to in the first place is hardly encouraging. All of those features remain in Windows 10, and there are others that could have a hugely significant impact on business rollouts.

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On our ThinkPad loaded with business-oriented desktop apps Office , Slack, Creative Suite amongst others , we performed an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 Pro in less than 40 minutes, with all documents, applications and settings perfectly retained. Microsoft is also making it much easier for IT managers to bring off-the-shelf hardware into businesses, with new runtime configuration tools that can implement VPN settings, e-mail profiles, app installations and security policies without wiping the hardware and starting afresh. Microsoft has also been commendably wary of forcing businesses to install the same rolling updates to Windows 10 that are now mandatory for consumers, who can no longer opt out of Windows Updates.

Enterprise users can opt for a Long Term Servicing Branch of the OS — another idea pinched from Linux — which allows them to install a stable version of Windows 10 on mission-critical machines, which will only receive essential security updates and not the new features that will be periodically rolled out to regular Windows 10 users. Windows With Windows 10, Microsoft is turning the screw even tighter with Secure Boot, giving PC manufacturers the option to prevent users disabling the feature.

That might upset consumers who want to dual-boot OSes, but the vast majority of business machines will only ever boot into the OS the device is shipped with, and this prevents almost any chance of malicious rootkits or other low-level malware infecting the boot process. The addition of face and iris recognition to the list of user authentication options already within Windows 8 potentially adds extra convenience for both users and IT departments alike unlike passwords or smartcards, nobody forgets their face.

However, both require specialised hardware, and neither is common enough to be a universal standard yet. Windows 10 edges ahead of its predecessor, but the new authentication options still haven't fully caught on. Detach a device such as the Surface from its keyboard, and Windows 10 prompts you to enter Tablet Mode, where the Start menu spans the full screen, the Taskbar disappears, apps run in full screen instead of windows, and you effectively get no access to the desktop.

Consistent approach across phone, tablet and desktop

Reattach the keyboard, and the Start menu shrinks back into its corner, the Taskbar springs back, and apps can be run in whatever size of window you choose, even touchscreen-focussed apps from the Windows Store. However, you can easily activate and deactivate Tablet Mode manually via the new Action Center. Windows 10 also introduces a Battery Saver mode, dimming the screen and cutting down on needless notifications to preserve battery life. An emphatic victory for Windows 10, which finally makes sense of hybrid devices, and adds limited battery saving benefits.

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Windows 8 and 8. If businesses rightly shied away from Windows 8, we can see few reasons to shun its successor. The Start menu is less jarring and intimidating than its Start screen predecessor, the migration path is smoother and there are numerous security and productivity benefits. Despite the kinks, we would wholeheartedly recommend upgrading both existing equipment and pre-installing Windows 10 on new machines.

Windows Phone 8.1 End of Support

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