Mobile phone radiation effects on pregnancy

However, when you are pregnant, it is best to be overcautious than to be sorry in the future. Research has been conducted to understand the impact of using a cell phone during pregnancy.

Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy | What to Expect

As per a research, excess exposure to a mobile phone during pregnancy can prove detrimental to foetal brain development and may result in behavioural issues like hyperactivity later on. However, in spite of these research, substantial evidence is still unavailable which can prove that the use of a mobile phone can result in behavioural complications. There is a likelihood that other factors may have played a role in causing the behavioural disorder. For example, the mom may have spent a lot of her time on the mobile phone neglecting her baby in the process.

Also, research done so far in this field has been limited and mostly restricted to animal testing.

Mobile phone use while pregnant not linked to child neurodevelopment problems, study suggests

Therefore, there is no absolute certainty that mobile phone usage during pregnancy is unsafe. But in case, if you are still concerned, there is no harm in taking certain precautions while using a mobile phone when you are pregnant. The ill effects of cell phone radiation is a cause of concern during pregnancy. Many experts believe that excess use of a cell phone during pregnancy can be detrimental to the health of a baby. Therefore, you must try to limit the use of mobile phones when you are pregnant.

Here are some useful tips to limit mobile phone usage:. There is no conclusive evidence to justify the use of a mobile phone during pregnancy is hazardous. However, it is best to be sensible during pregnancy. You must limit your mobile phone usage to a minimum for a safe pregnancy. Also Read: Thursday, February 21, FirstCry Parenting. Pregnancy Prenatal Care. Share on Facebook.

Why To Worry Over Wireless:

How to Deal with Postpartum Depression. Panchamrut during Pregnancy — Benefits and Recipe. Gestational Hypertension — Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment. Anisha Nair - February 15, Taylor at Yale exposed pregnant mice to mobile phones by keeping the phones active. They placed the muted phones in active phone call above the cage for a duration of two weeks.

There was another control group also with the same conditions, but with a deactivated phone. The baby mice were then tested for their behavior and memory capacity. Mice born to mothers exposed to the mobile phone activity found to have behavioral problems that are characteristic of ADHD in humans. However, research in mice may not always hold true in human beings. And in this case, there is a high possibility since humans may not spend all 24 hours in 7 days over the mobile phone during pregnancy 1.

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  • How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Pregnancy for Healthy Babies.

Here is another study by scientists in Denmark. They examined the prenatal and postnatal exposure to mobile phones and behavioral problem in children. After the survey, they found that exposure to mobile phone prenatally and postnatally, to a lesser extent was associated with hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in children 2.

The researchers interpreted that these associations may be due to unmeasured confounding and non-causal.

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  • Using Mobile Phone During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?.
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It is, therefore, important to note that research studies of the kind cannot exactly prove a link between mobile usage during pregnancy and developmental disorders in children. The usage of cell phones has increased more than a call in the past decade.

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As the phones now-a-days are mini — computer, music system, and a gaming system. A single portable gadget obviously increases its general usage as well as the radiation. Heating Pads During Pregnancy ]. The above kind of research is inconclusive, and you cannot recommend pregnant women to reduce their exposure to mobile phone usage. You need to take extra precautions to ease the worries. Here are a few tips that will keep you and your baby safe:. We would recommend sticking to healthier and natural modes of entertainment and staying healthy.

Reducing unwanted stress is more important than anything to keep you and your baby healthy. So, what is your opinion on using the mobile phone during pregnancy? Do share your views with us.

What Does The Research Say About Mobile Phone During Pregnancy?

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